All men within the age bracket {6 and above} have once in there life been shocked – by static electricity. Lets take for example when you want to plug your tv cord to the socket and accidentally your finger get in contract with the cords pin, how do you feel after the experience? But thefact a real electric shock is a lot more dangerous than that. When electric shocks you, your muscles tighten up, making it almost impossible to pull away from the circuit.Lungs constrict, making it hard to breathe.Heartbeat is interrupted and blood vessels tighten.Burns occur where the electricity enters and leaves the body.

Our body is a good conductor

 Its hard to believe that most people out there never known that human body is a very good conductor of electricity. Which simply means that electricity flows easily through our bodies. Why? Because electricity moves quickly through water – and the human body is 70 percent water!

Another fact you never known is that “electricity always tries to find the easiest path to the ground”. Most of the power lines around our   homes have a protective covering. But it’s only to protect the power line from weather and not to protect us from the electricity.

Be life conscious

You might think that if you get shocked, you can pull away quickly and not get hurt. But that isn’t the way it seems.have ever seen the speed of the light {thunder} when it rains? That’s how electricity  travels {at the speed of light}, so you have almost no chance of pulling away.

And if the electricity is strong enough, it can cause the victim’s muscles to tighten up so much that he or she can’t let go.

Never  touch or  grab on to anyone who’s been electrocuted… for you will become path of the circuit.

Any thing you do with electricity you must put sefty first {a good servant but bad master}

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